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Bush-Whacker SS 72M - 18GPM

Bush-Whacker SS 72M - 18GPM


Blades – Two 3/4″ thick alloy spring steel blades mounted on shoulder bolts to allow blades to swing freely. Blades also feature three (3) cutting edges.

Deck – 1/4″ steel deck gives rigidity, heavy-duty construction, built to last.

Front Chute – Open front chute directs brush into the blades while allowing operator visibility.

Hydraulic Motor – Quick disconnects attach to skid steer accessory ports. Designed to handle high or low flow hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic Specs – The SSM-72 is compatible with any skid steer hydraulic system ranging from 15 – 39 GPM and pressures ranging from 2000 – 3000 psi.

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