Energizer Generator's



The Energizer eZV2000P is a compact yet versatile generator that offers great value at compact size. The 2000 watt generator runs at astonishing low volume(59 DBA) and weighs in at 44LBS, other features include: 

Parallel capabilities

Max Run time of  11 hours on .9 gal. of fuel 

2x 120v 20A 5-20r sockets

1x 12v dc socket 



Energizer eZV3200P



The Energizer eZV3200P is ready to tackle your bigger energy needs. With it's built in mobility kit, it makes it easy to move to different locations. This generator also offers a multimeter display to track anything from volt output to engine hours. Other features include: 

1.95 gal, fuel tank 

electric start, pull start, and remote start 

Runtime of 15 hours 

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