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Tama Net wrap's edge to edge system gives you the ease of mind knowing you are going to get a quality wrap. Tama wrap has the zebra system which lets you know which side to load the bale on as well as identifying which direction to unroll your hay for easier feeding. Tama Net also has red striping warning system allowing you to see when you are getting close to the end of your roll to eliminate the risk of bailing with insufficient wrap in your bailer. 

Tama Net Wrap

Tama -51x9840

Tama - 67x700

Eco-Bull - 48x9840

Rolls starting at $215

Pro-Link Bale Spears


Multiple Spears in stock and ready to go for your application: 

Super Penetrating spear

 Bracket style spear 

Regular black spear

Spears start at $78.00$ 


Heavy Duty Roller chain

made in the u.s.a



#60 heavy 

#60 standard

#80 Heavy

#80 Standard 

- starting at $48.00$

Other Goods


Sisal 9000 Twine ( Green) 


Sisal 16,000 Twine ( gold) 


made in the u.s.a


Heavy and Medium duty hitch pins 

 - Heavy duty starting out $15.00$ 

 - Medium Duty starting out $9.71$ 

 - Light Duty starting out $5.80$

Heavy Duty Cylinder stops 

 - $45.00$ 



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